there is no better feeling than having someone in your life that returns to you all the love you’ve given them





as if i wasn’t feeling myself enough

what the FUCK

Damn it girl

tanisha omfg

Anonymous: are you influenced by any artists specifically? b

well more noticeably i’m influenced by roy lichtenstein’s pop art and crying girls, but i’m getting into john wesley’s style too now

Anonymous: hi um u seem v cool and we should be friends but also where do you get your embroidery fabric I can never find any??

hi, yes we should be friends!! :+) 
okay well it depends! if you’re looking to do the standard cross stitching, you’ll need aida fabric. i usually get the 14 count but i’ve grown to hate cross stitching because it’s so time consuming and i just realized you said embroidery so okay ignore this part actually
you can use any kind of fabric though i’m pretty sure! i’ll usually use cotton fabric that i can find at michaels or walmart which each sell them at 2 or 3 yards at a time, i forget. but i buy most of my supplies in bulk online, like i just bought 42 hoops and those won’t last me more than two weeks probably. so i buy my fabric yards at a time too because it’s worth it even though it seems expensive at the time

hahahah sorry you can skip all that..i should have just said “michaels” and been done with it 0:-) good luck!! i’m here if you need more help/i’m more than willing to take you up on the friend offer

assuming that girls listen to hardcore/go to shows strictly to impress boys is honestly soooo dumb
if you’re trying to boost your credibility by separating yourself from girls who you claim “are doing it to be trendy” you’re a baby and you should stop



Anonymous: This may be annoying but could you possibly when you get the chance post a picture of your wall with all the pictures of it??

yeah, sure! my room is messy right now but i’ll do that for you
ps sorry i think you’ve sent me this before, i didn’t mean to ignore it!!
i’ll send it right to you now if you come off anonymous, i swear it’s not weird! it’ll actually make it easier for me