Johannes Folke
Anonymous: I just wanted to say I'm in love with your blog!! It's so refreshing and you seem like such a cool chick!! Stay humble

thank you for taking the time to say this!! :-)

Anonymous: Hi Christiana i just wanted to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful girls in this world!!! like omg how are you even real :((!!!! hope your life is going okay!!! and that you are really happy darling!!!!

ahhh what the heck thank you!!! this is so nice and friendly/ i love this/you and i hope you’re having the best night and are happy also :***
 (●˘ ᵕ˘(˘ᵕ ˘●)
/ ⌒つ⊂⌒ヽ 


Guy Bourdin, Polaroids

Artist David Cata, 21, uses his body as a canvas for his project Overexposed Emotions which illustrates how much the members of his family, including his girlfriend, Tamara, are woven into his life. Each eye-watering artwork takes about four hours to complete, after which David, a music student and artist, films himself picking the stitches out of his hands. Using a needle he very carefully pierces the top layer of his skin before drawing the thread through to create a stitch. He then repeats the process with different coloured thread for up to four hours to create surprisingly detailed pictures of people who have influenced him.
f21 copying aa stuff is the coolest thing to ever happen

constantly surprised by the selflessness of my mom’s actions to make sure my sisters and I are always happy
I love my mom but I’m so far away from her to hug her!!! :-(

Ken Price



Talking Bird || Death Cab For Cutie

today is 100% a death cab kind of day

the longer you think, the less you know what to do